StorkyApp dream limitless, we carry knowledge and educating career to you.


StorkyApp is available as a web and mobile apps (the web app is recommended for instructors), just signup, no installation required, and you are all set to start your perfect virtual classroom right now. if you wish, one of StorkyApp’s team would contact you to take a tour in the app. Its free. You have a free tier to discover the application, no advance fees or hidden fees. Our early adopters join StorkyApp Scouts Lab enjoying offers, promotions, and new features early access. Join Now

In case having a learner account, guess what? it is completely free for your use. But if you are an educator, after consuming your free tier, you would be charged via “Hour Rate”, according to your membership plan. You can pay at the company facility, ask for a collecting agent, bank transfer, or Vodafone cash. See  pricing Plan

StorkyApp prevents learners to access your courses and material unless they were invited by you to this course using their emails or mobile phones. StorkyApp uses the latest technologies to ensure the security of the live and uploaded sessions as well as all your material. Learners can login to only one device in the same device. Also we figured out how to prevent unwanted screen records. StorkyApp lets you drive your course security as you wish.

You can check the whole education process on StorkyApp using your free tier. Regarding the virtual classroom tools, in the course builder details entry process, you would be asked to choose a set of required tools for each session. If you didn’t find your need among the provided tools, don’t hesitate to ask us for adding them. for further information please contact us by phone or Whatsapp on +201010570090

We are in the process of developing APIs and white-labeled portals that you can brand according to your virtual classroom needs. Leave us your email and phone number here and we will keep you updated.