StorkyApp Features

Because your students deserve StorkyApp provides all the required tools that help you to attain a quality
course for your virtual classroom.

Our features make your e-learning more easier and efficient,

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Pre-recorded Sessions

You can now upload your recorded videos to be accessible asynchronously at its schedule. So you can reach your learners and give them the session but actually you are have a free time, Your Online Session Already Recorded !!

Live Virtual Classroom

A brilliant new experience that combines all unlimited advantage of
technology. It is has the efficiency of regular classroom.


Hand-drawing & illustrations? No hassle, we already thought about a
whiteboard for you. Supported drawing tablet? Ask our support for details.

Live Presentation

Sharing documents, presentations, and media files are key features. Especially for specific courses such as language ones. Cool? it is there for you.

Screen Sharing

This feature looks familiar but what is new ? First, you can share your screen with your installed offline programs, Second, you can share a browser with audio so you don’t need to send a audio link to your students and try to hear it in the same time

Quizzes & Examinations

Gather your questions in ONE place for only ONE time without a need for repetition or delay. With storky testing tools and MCQ questioning you can design your grading system easily.